Jasmine Yu-Hsing Chen

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: jasmine.chen@usu.edu

Department of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies.
Utah State University
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Jasmine Yu-Hsing Chen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies at Utah State University. She specializes in Chinese/ Sinophone theatre, cinema, and literature. Her fields of interest include cross-cultural performance, visual cultures, affect studies, and inter-medial adaptations of theatre. She is currently working on a project aimed toward understanding how performance trains and reshapes the performer as well as the audience’s perception of nation, artistry, gender, and history. Her article “Stepping out of the Frame: Contemporary Jingju Actor Training in Taiwan” appears in Theatre Dance and Performance Training. Her book Fantasy World of Taiwanese Opera: The Progress of Performing Arts in “O-pei-la” and commentaries on theatre and film have been published in Taiwan.