University of Wisconsin–Madison

Teatro Línea de Sombra

Teatro Línea de Sombra
October 6-11
Workshop and Performance
Workshop: October 7 – 8
Performance: Baños Roma, October 10, 7 pm, followed by a post show discussion,  Frederic March Play Circle

In collaboration with Chicago Shakespeare Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Center for Visual Culture is pleased to welcome Teatro Línea de Sombra, October 6 – 11. A performance group consisting of Jorge Vargas, Alicia Laguna, Zuadd Atala, Eduardo Bernal, Raul Mendoza, Gilberto Barraza, Vianey Salinas, Jesus Cuevas, and Malcom Vargas, Teatro Línea de Sombra is revered for their transnational pieces that use documentary techniques, video editing, film embedding, site-specific performances, and anti-methodological acting to explore issues of immigration, violence, and human rights awareness. Teatro Línea de Sombra will lead a two-day workshop for students, faculty, and members of the community in preparation for the staging and performance of Baños Roma at Fredrich March Theater Play Circle.