Miriam Posner

Johan Bollen, map of science derived from clickstream data, 2009
“Seeing Data: Information in Culture and Commerce”
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2018 @ 4:00PM
Vilas 4070
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Thursday, OCTOBER 25, 2018 @ 12:00 – 1:00PM
Room 212 of the Institute for Research in the Humanities, located in the University Club


Events made possible thanks to the Anonymous Fund, and the Departments of Communication Arts and Art.

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Dr. Posner will give a public lecture designed to attract an interdisciplinary audience. In the lecture, she will reflect on the opportunities and challenges of data visualization and share some of her work with two very different data sets: one from a museum, the other from a commercial retail chain.

Dr. Posner will also lead a hands-on workshop for digital humanists. In the workshop, she will guide participants through the process of curating a data set and applying visualization software to it. Participants will learn hands-on skills, but Dr. Posner will also encourage participants to think critically about the data and its visual expression.

Miriam Posner is an assistant professor at the UCLA School of Information. She’s also a digital humanist with interests in labor, race, feminism, and the history and philosophy of data. As a digital humanist, she is particularly interested in the visualization of large bodies of data from cultural heritage institutions, and the application of digital methods to the analysis of images and video. A film, media, and American studies scholar by training, she frequently writes on the application of digital methods to the humanities. She is at work on two projects: the first on what “data” might mean for humanistic research; and the second on how multinational corporations are making use of data in their supply chains.