2019-2020 Theme: “Migrancy & Displacement”

This year-long theme brings together a complex set of topics that range from the political and social to the literary and artistic, asking who has access to movement, which objects and ideas travel, and how networks of displacement can simultaneously grant and deny access. Both migrancy and displacement are indelibly inscribed within both material and immaterial borders, contributing to what Edward Said has termed “a discontinuous state of being.” With these terms, the lectures, workshops, and exhibition that we have planned, will focus on a wide variety of approaches to how art, objects, people and ideas travel and connect, and/or impede and obstruct networks.

Please join us for our exciting program of lectures, artist talks, and workshops!

Shimon Attie

“Stateless Views of Global Migration”

Antonio Urquízar Herrera

“The Memory of Islamic Monuments in Early Modern Spanish Identity”

Heghnar Watenpaugh

“The Modern Life of a Medieval Manuscript”

Lea Stirling

“Travelling Statuettes and Travelling Aristocrats?  Networks of Acquisition in the Statuary Collection at the Late Antique Villa at Séviac (France)”

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