University of Wisconsin–Madison


Susan Stockwell

Lecture | March 30 @ 6pm
Elvehjem L140
Workshop | March 31 & April 1

Yes Men

Lecture | April 20 @ 6pm
Elvehjem L140

Alicia Rios + Antoni Miralda

Lecture | April 26 @ 4:30pm
Elvehjem L140

2016-2017 Theme

Waste: Decadent, Useless, Discarded

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the CVC is hosting a series of lectures, workshops, and discussions under the umbrella theme of “Waste: Decadent, Useless, Discarded.” These events critically reflect on the current perceptions of waste in a variety of contexts to consider the critical importance of how we deal with waste.

Affiliate Events

Melissa Clark
Center for the Humanities
Interior Architecture Showcase Ruth Davis Design Gallery 3.17 – 3.28