2021-2022 Theme:

“Ways of Seeing and Doing: The Return of the Gaze”

Through the prism of global pandemic and protest, this year-long theme confronts visuality and power via the emergent ways of seeing and doing that manifest in and through visual cultures—with particular attention to the dynamics of lives lived ever more via the online interface. We aim to go beyond the recognition of COVID-19 as the great revealer, to think with and at the limits of who has access to new modes of online communication and how increased visibility of political protest in the face of exacerbated structural inequity and heightened surveillance at the intersections of BIPOC, queer, feminist, ecological, crip activism and theorization visualize our constant struggles. In framing this year’s theme in terms of the potentials of the return of the gaze, we have invited talks and other events that focus on a wide range of approaches to how art, theatre, performance, film, bodies, and theorization in and through practice explore these topics.

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The CVC has a video archive available upon request.

Please contact us if you would like to view a particular lecture from Fall 2018 – Present.

Frederick de Armas

“Cervantes’ Architectures: Don Quixote and the Dangers Outside”
Friday, April 8
4:00 PM CDT (in-person)
Van Hise Hall, Room 114

“Seeing and Soaring Aloft:
Longinus’ On the Sublime and the Theater of Early Modern Spain”
Friday, April 8
12:00 PM CDT (in-person)
UClub Room 212
432 East Campus Mall

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All are welcome!

Sini Anderson

Image: Production still of Bekah Fly from So Sick.

So Sick: special advance screening and talk-back conversation with celebrated filmmaker Sini Anderson on crip, queer and feminist art activism
Wednesday, March 2
5:30 PM CST (in person)
Elvehjem L160

“Life as Art + Art as Activism”
Thursday, March 3
4:00 PM CST (in person)
Sterling Hall, Room 3425

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Marcela Guerrero

Image: Gamaliel Rodríguez, Collapsed Soul, 2020-21. Ink and acrylic on canvas, 84 x 112 in. (213.3 x 284.5 cm). Courtesy the artist and Nathalie Karg Gallery NYC. © 2021 Gamaliel Rodríguez.

“Latinx Art: Representation, Exhibitions, and Institutions”
Thursday, April 21
4:00 PM CDT (virtual)

Zoom Link

“Maria’s Wake: Hurricane Maria & the Arts”
Wednesday, April 20
4:00 PM CDT (virtual)

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Maksaens Denis

“Vodou, LGBTQI Activism, politics and electronic music”
Tuesday, March 8
4:00 PM CST (virtual)
Zoom link

Wednesday, March 9
11:00 AM CST (virtual)

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All are welcome!