Steering Committee 2023-24

CVC Director

Laurie Beth Clark
Home Department: Art
Office: 6241 Mosse Humanities Building or CVC office: 432 East Campus Mall, Rm. 129
Email: lbclark@wisc.edu

Anirban Baishya
Home Department: Communication Arts
Office: 6014 Vilas Hall
Email: abaishya@wisc.edu

Sarah Anne Carter 
Home Department: Design Studies
Office: 1235a Nancy Nicholas Hall
Email: scarter5@wisc.edu

Jill Casid
Home Department: Art History/Visual Culture
Office: 206b Conrad A. Elvehjem Building
Email: jhcasid@wisc.edu

Mercedes Alcalá Galán
Home Department: Spanish & Portuguese
Email: malcalag@wisc.edu

Christine Garlough
Home Department: Gender and Women Studies/Folklore
Office: 3406 Sterling Hall
Email: clgarlough@wisc.edu

Erica Halverson
Home Department: Curriculum and Instruction
Office: 144D Teacher Education Building
Email: erica.halverson@wisc.edu

Keith Woodward
Home Department: Geography
Email: kwoodward@wisc.edu


Timothy Portlock
Home Department: Environmental Studies and Art
Email: tportlock@wisc.edu


Project Assistant

Chushan Wu PA at CVC

Chushan Wu
Home Department: Curriculum and Instruction
Office: 432 East Campus Mall, Rm. 128
Email: cvc@mailplus.wisc.edu