Graduate Certificate

The Graduate/Professional Certificate in the Transdisciplinary Study of Visual Cultures is a research-driven certificate. Selection of courses should contribute to your professional development. The certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 9 graduate-level credits in a combination of required and elective coursework, with a GPA of 3.0 (4.0 basis). Required coursework consists of ART HIST/​AFROAMER  801 Historiography, Theory and Methods in Visual CultureART HIST/​AFROAMER  802 Visual Cultures: Topics in Visual Cultures, or equivalent. Elective coursework consists of one 3-credit course to be selected, in consultation with a program faculty advisor, from a wide range of crosslisted and “meets with” courses offered by program faculty in numerous programs and departments. A list of possible course options are available on the CVC website, although it is not exhaustive. Please, note that even if a course is listed on the website it is not a guarantee that it will receive program credit. Please, consult with Director of the CVC to ensure that your selected courses meet criteria for credit.

Declaration form for MA Certificate

Assessment form for MA Certificate