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5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Visual Culture

This conference features a keynote from Jill H. Casid, UW-Madison Professor of Visual Studies

image of an empty lecture hall from the back

Confirmed Participants:

Jill Casid (University of Wisconsin – Madison, Keynote); Teresa Cisneros (The Showroom);

Inés Dussel (Cinvestav, Mexico, Keynote); Joanne Morra (Central Saint Martins);

Griselda Pollock (University of Leeds, Keynote); Emily Pringle (Tate);

Amanda du Preez (University of Pretoria); Will Strong (Calvert 22); Sofia Victorino (Whitechapel Gallery)

Can we teach what we see? Can we see what we teach? How is the world changed, reaffirmed, or progressed through the visual? How does it slip back? What impact can thoughtful uses of images in teaching, scholarship, artistic, and political practice have on the future, as well as on the telling of history?

How can we as scholars, practitioners, educators, and concerned citizens of the world see ourselves as teachers of and through the visual, whatever our context?