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Guillermo Gómez-Peña looking glass photo

Up Next: Antoni Miralda + Alicia Rios
Food/Art of the Ibero/American Axis
April 26 @ 4:30pm

Who Are We?

Founded in 2002, the Center for Visual Cultures at the University of Wisconsin-Madison supports curricular innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration from faculty and students in the emerging field of visual cultures. » Learn More


Graduate Programs

We offer a PhD minor and a graduate certificate for masters and professional students.


Affiliate faculty teach courses on visual cultures every semester at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Annual Theme


Waste: Decadent, Useless, Discarded

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the CVC is hosting a series of lectures, workshops, and discussions under the umbrella theme of “Waste: Decadent, Useless, Discarded.” These events critically reflect on the current perceptions of waste in a variety of contexts to consider the critical importance of how we deal with waste. In examining waste as both decadent consumption and useless cast offs, our speakers take an expansive view of what is considered or treated as waste in modern society and in academic and artistic work: garbage, old electronics, old buildings, food, popular fiction, even at times people themselves. Waste is that which exceeds boundaries, and perhaps serves no structural purpose. These artists and scholars question the ethics of how things are made and consumed and reimagine and repurpose the discarded.

Top photo by Zach Gross, courtesy of Guillermo Gómez-Peña